April 4, 2020
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Independence Day Highlights: PM Modi delivers a magnificent speech


The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has delivered a magnificent speech today, enumerating his government’s achievements, former government’s flaws and his future policies.  

The speech has been given from the ramparts of Red Fort, from where Indian Prime Ministers usually address the nation on the Independence Day (August 15) every year.

This year’s speech carries a extra-ordinary significance as this is the last Independence Day speech of the present regime (of course, they can give another if they succeed in winning the confidence of the people in the next year’s general election).

The Jan Arogya Abhiyaan is the main attraction of the Indian PM’s Independence Day speech. The highly appealing health care scheme is expected to benefit at least fifty crore Indians.

The second most important thing mentioned in the speech is the ambitious ‘Gaganyaan Space Programme’. The PM has announced that by the year 2022 -if possible, even before that- an Indian boy or girl would undertake a manned space mission on ‘Gaganyaan’.

He has also mentioned the importance of the agricultural sector and the improvements it achieved and is expected to achieve during his regime in his speech.

While presenting the progress card of his regime, our PM has highlighted the impressive policies his government has taken in the matters of Minimum Support Price, Goods and Services Tax and One Rank One Pension as his government’s achievements.

Happy Independence Day!!! Jai Hind!!!    



Vignesh. S. G

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