February 24, 2024
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Disturbance in Congress over ‘President Post’

A group of powerful Congress leaders, including the parliamentarians, while speaking to the representatives of a renowned national daily, has demanded that an election should be conducted to elect the successor of resigned Congress president Rahul Gandhi. The group has also expressed its lack of interest over the continuation of the Congress Working Committee. As per their opinion, the CWC should also be reconstructed along with the election of the new president.

The grand old party was supposed to find a solution to the president crisis early this month. It postponed its effort towards that extent due to the emergence of Karnataka crisis.

The Congress Party is expected to resume its effort to solve the president crisis once the Karnataka crisis is solved.

The emergence of the dissent voice inside the party is likely to create a serious headache to the Congress Party once it resumes its effort to solve the president crisis. What it questions is the possible attempt of the CWC to nominate a person to replace Rahul Gandhi in an undemocratic way.

The dissent leaders have pointed out that if they could win the election in this adverse atmosphere, they could also lead the party in this situation.

Many believe that a president should be elected for the grand old party in a democratic manner to regain the people’s trust in the party.

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