September 22, 2023
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Is EKM emerging as a hub for drug trafficking

‘Is Ernakulam emerging as a hub for drug trafficking’ is the big question of the day. It is a popular national daily that has brought this question to the discussion table on this day. In a report published in that daily, it highlights how/why it has arrived at this question. The testimonies seen in the report clearly indicates how serious the problem is. The information that youngsters are more susceptible to drug trafficking is shocking. What have the state government done so far to address the crisis? How/why this social crisis has emerged? Each and every one in the society must ask these questions himself/herself and try to find its answers.

As per the report, cannabis and some psychotropic tablets are in high use in the region. The report says that these dangerous substances arrive from the neighbouring states. According to the report, it is those who purchase these substances in bulk amount from the neighbouring states and smuggle it to the state are those who sell these substance among the youngsters in the region. It is clear that the business model is old. As the model is old, there is no doubt that if the authorities get the support of the society, it can easily weed out this evil.

The best part of the report is the part that defines how the student groups work close to the authorities are successfully used to assist the authorities in their effort to weed out this evil.

It is hoped that the manic will be eliminated in the near future itself. The effort should start from the ground level – the family level itself. Each family should make sure that its members are not under the clutches of this evil.

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