February 25, 2024
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In Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, a TV anchor sells food on the street

Since the Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan, the country has experienced a lot of economic and political turbulence. A recent Twitter tweet by Kabir Haqmal, who previously worked for the Hamid Karzai administration, demonstrates how many talented Afghan professionals have been forced into poverty.
Mr. Haqmal posted a photo of Afghan journalist Musa Mohammadi. Mr. Haqmal stated in the caption that Mr. Mohammadi worked in the media for years, but that due to the severe economic situation in Afghanistan, he now sells food to make ends meet.

“Musa Mohammadi worked for years as an anchor and reporter for many television stations, but now he is unable to support his family. & earns money by selling street food. After the dissolution of the republic, #Afghans face unprecedented destitution,” he stated.

The story of Mr. Mohammadi has gone popular on the internet. It even drew the notice of National Radio and Television Director-General Ahmadullah Wasiq. Mr Wasiq stated in a tweet that the former TV anchor and reporter will be appointed to his department.

His social media message was translated as follows: “Musa Mohammadi, a spokeswoman for a private television channel, is unemployed, according to social media. As the director of the National Radio and Television, I can tell him that he will be appointed inside the National Radio and Television framework. All Afghan professionals are required.”

Meanwhile, Afghanistan has been in a humanitarian and economic disaster since the Taliban assumed control of the country. They’ve also targeted the media, with several journalists, particularly women, losing their jobs in recent months.According to Reuters, the World Bank recently stated that Afghanistan’s economic prognosis is bleak, with per capita income falling by more than a third in the last four months of 2021. Tobias Haque, World Bank Senior Country Economist for Afghanistan, observed, “One of the poorest countries in the world has become more poorer.”

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