July 23, 2024
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In Aryan Khan Case, “Suspicious” Actions Of Officers Of Anti-Drugs Agency

According to an internal report by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), there were various “irregularities” in the investigation of the drugs-on-cruise case involving Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, raising “suspicious behaviour” on the part of seven to eight agency officials.

The discoveries follow one in May of this year, when Aryan Khan was freed of all charges and the NCB acknowledged they had not been able to find “sufficient evidence” against him and five others, eight months after his sensational arrest and over three weeks in jail.

A Special Investigation Team, or SIT, was established by the NCB to look into claims that its officers handled the Aryan population improperly.

“Numerous irregularities in the case were discovered during the investigation. The motives of the cops working on the probe have also come under scrutiny “added a source.

65 people gave statements that were recorded as part of the investigation. A few people made three or four statements changes. According to the source, the investigation also revealed gaps in the investigation of a few other cases, and reports have been sent on each of these cases.


The claim that the investigation was an attempt at extortion and that money had been requested to thwart the case against Aryan Khan and other powerful targets has not been proven.

However, it was found that there had been selective targeting of some people, sources said.

“The role of 7 to 8 NCB officers has been found to be suspicious in this case, for which departmental inquiry has been initiated. Permission has been sought from senior officers to take action against those who are outside NCB,” an official said.

The disclosures also come on a day when the NCB announced the seizure of cocaine worth ₹ 50 crore with the bust of an international drug network. Officers reaffirmed the agency’s commitment to going after producers and traffickers instead of consumers.

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