June 28, 2022
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IMF’s Arab observation contains message to India

The International Monetary Fund’s observation on the political and social unrest in the Arab world, it seems, has a bearing on the future of India.

Recently, the IMF stated that the issues of economic instability and unemployment paved way for the social and political unrest in the Arab world.

The aforesaid statement’s relation with the future of the world’s largest democracy is very simple. Like the present Arab world, the economic and unemployment indices of the South Asian hegemon are not good.

What that means is the Asian country, like the Arab countries, carries all conditions necessary to trigger a political unrest.

Not any time in its recent history, the South Asian superpower has experienced any economic difficulty of this extent.

Anyway, a ray of hope is still there. That ray comes from the powerful hands in which India is now.

Not any time in its recent history, India has witnessed any powerful leadership like the present leadership.

There are reasons to believe that even though some recent economic policies have brought certain hardships to the people of the country, India would benefit hugely from the policies in the long run.

In that sense, the future of India is much brighter than the Arab world. India has a great vision unlike others.

It is hoped that India will re-enter the enviable path of aggressive growth soon.

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