December 11, 2023
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How to stay young…?

Younger and older woman with hourglass

It is told that “look young when you are old, as opposed to looking old when you are young”. Youth is a gift but the way we utilize it is where we see the success. When it comes to the traditional relatives that we have, our youth ends when we cross 30. But is it so? Why do women age fast after 30? Our body and brain believe in that and thus it is reflected in our appearance as well. It is possible for you to look very young and ravishing when you hit 60. Look at how astounding Aishwarya Rai looks in “ae dilhaimushkil” and had dynamic chemistry with Ranbir Kapoor, someone lot younger than her. Actress Ellen Burstyn had to be given prosthetics and makeup to older in “interstellar” and she herself was 80. Beauty is a matter of perspective and, though we can’t control aging, we can look the way we want to. All you will be needing is some fine tips. Here are some simple yet effective ways.

Use natural products

It is a general notion that movie stars look young because they use a lot of makeup and camera and photoshop will alter the appearance. The fact that makeup affects skin is indeed a big question. When used the right way, it is beneficial for us. Most of the makeup products have artificial ingredients and chemicals. We won’t feel the effect currently, but it enhances the change 15-20 years from now. Skin wrinkles and darkens. Sometimes, rashes will appearance and you will have to spend a lot on repairing that. So, use natural products. Turmeric powder -milk combination is the most popular option. Apply it on your face and wait till dry. Then soak your face again and wait for another 10 minutes. Don’t pull your facial muscles during the process. After that rinse your face with water and wipe off the mask by circling your fingers over the skin slowly.

Honey-milk combination has the same effect. You may use Ayurveda products with doctor’s advice. Natural anti-oxidants combat with aging process without collateral damages.


In this urban population, it is literally difficult to keep a check on the lifestyle, but it is a necessary element. Avoid too many junk food and replace it with fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lemon juice every day as it has natural anti-oxidants in it. Applying lemon on your face is also equally effective. Green tea, grapes, berries, nuts, whole grains, and fish, are the major food items with anti-oxidant properties in them.

If you have a smoking habit then consider quitting as it is one of the most destructive forces that induces aging and limit alcohol to home-made red wine and champagne. Wash your face after going out every day and do this several times a day to remove deposits of pollutants on your face.

Make sure that you give priority to the area under your eyes and neck as they contain the softest muscles in human body. Exercise daily.Do at least sit ups, bending and walking processes daily. Climb a flight of stairs 5 times everyday.

Food items

Since aging is something that we can’t keep track on, having few things in your hands will help you in preventing it such that you don’t have constantly worry about it. Apart from Lime juice, eating tuna, sardines and anchovies are good because they contain omega 3 fatty acids and other antioxidants. Have them in your diet on a regular basis. Probably you are aware of this trivia “chocolate is good for health”. Eat dark chocolate. Avoid refined carbohydrates products like sugar, “maida” and white bread as much as you could as they contain oxidants.

Just follow these methods the best way you could.One thing that you will have to remember is that you should start it as early as possible, today if necessary. Only then, the process will be effective. So, sit back and enjoy.


Elizabath Chacko

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