November 28, 2022

How to prepare natural vegetable/fruit wash


Vegetable and fruits are the healthiest things to eat. It is recommended more often by most dieticians to those who wish to stay healthy and fit and to keep diseases away.

Unfortunately, most of those vegetable and fruits available in the Indian markets are coated with a layer of chemicals. So, using unwashed vegetables and fruits may even cause deadly diseases such as cancer.

Usually, vegetables and fruits get in touch with chemicals, either when fertilisers and pesticides are used to grow and protect the plants in which they grow, or when they are at the hand of those vendors who possess a dangerous habit of using chemicals to make their products look young and fresh for a long period than those products naturally do.

Don’t worry! There is a natural way to remove the chemicals coated outside fruits and vegetables. Natural vegetable wash is that miracle product which is capable to save human from the chemicals coated outside vegetable and fruits.

It is not advised to buy those products which claim to be natural fruit washers from the market. What is the need to buy such a product when it can easily be prepared at home?

Let’s see how it is prepared. It is actually simple. Take a glass of water in a large jug and pour a glass of natural vinegar into it. Add three to four tablespoons of concentrated lime extract into it. Mix the mixture and keep it aside for few hours. What you get after the prescribed time is the natural vegetable wash about which we have discussed so far.

Spray it over vegetables and fruits! Don’t forget to clean the sprayed items with clean water before eating!     


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