February 9, 2023

Honey tea is better than Sugar Tea: Experts


Tea is the most consumed drink in the world, after coffee. Tea has several health benefits. In India, tea is preferred more than coffee.

Normally, sugar is used to sweeten tea. Do you want to make your tea healthier? For those who which to do so, heath experts gives an interesting suggestion: replace sugar with honey.

The suggestion might sound odd. But, actually, it is workable. Honey has many health benefits. In fact, it has more benefits than sugar.   

When honey is mixed with tea, a beautiful heath combination is naturally formed. Health experts say that honey is a rich source of pure carbohydrates and it sweetens tea without contributing any preservatives into the drink.

Do you know many fitness freaks use this natural drink regularly to keep their body healthy and fit?  

Try to implement this suggestion. Stay healthy!   


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