February 25, 2024
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Haryana govt invites CBI probe into Jat stir


The Haryana government has demanded a CBI investigation into the Jat stir, which claimed nearly thirty lives across the state. The government submitted a request letter seeking a detailed investigation over the three strange cases related to the Jat stir. The central agency was suggested to probe political and conspiracy angle. Around two of the three forwarded cases are related to the attack on the state finance minister’s house. The minister’s family members were allegedly attacked during the violence. The third case is related to the violence at the Circuit House. While attending a media conference, the additional chief secretory-home- of Haryana, Ram Niwas, reportedly informed the reporters about the government’s decision to invite a CBI probe into certain cases related to the Jat stir.

Rahtok is considered as the triggering point of the violence. Nearly one-thousand cases related to the Jat stir were reported in Rahtok of Haryana. The opposition opined that it is unfair the government demanded a CBI investigation into certain cases only. They pointed out that it was an attack on students in a hostel in Rahtok that triggered the violence. Demanding a base level investigation, they suggested that the government must order a detailed investigation into the entire incident to expose the actual perpetrators. During the three-day violence in last February, several cases of violent attacks allegedly organised by the Jat community had been reported across the state.




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