April 16, 2024

Hairstyle tips for women with thin hair

Hair style

Hair style is one of the things that decorate a woman’s facial beauty. Even if you did not apply proper makeup, you still could look attractive if you style your hair accordingly. One of worst things women face is when people taunt them for having very thin hair. But, you could make your hair look nice when you set it accordingly. Here are some good hairstyle tips for women with thin hair. 


The idea here is to make your hair look thick or voluminous. Make sure that your hair is dry enough. You could do this after blowing your hair with a hair dry after bathing. Then, you pull your hair up and tie into a pony tail. The dry and clean will make your hair look thick and it suits you face well. 


This is a common hairstyle adopted by most celebrities. If you have long and think hair, then this is the best hairstyle, especially if you are wearing kurtha or saree. Leave some hair loose over your forehead or behind the ears. Then, you tie your hair into a braid leaving some portion near your head loose. Then, you leave the braid onto one side. You can use textured spray or hair shining products or glitters. 


This is a popular hairstyle adopted by many popular Hollywood celebrities such as Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson. Use this hairstyle. Shampoo your hair well, and use conditioner and smoother. Then, you comb your hair properly on either side based on your liking. 

Pull back

Comb the top portion of your back and adjust it with a clip or slide. Then you may use conditioner or hair spray for better appearance. This is one of the fastest or easiest ways to give a think appearance to your hair. 

Angle bob


This will give a different look altogether. You may go to an expert stylist or beauty parlour for the same. Cut your hair such that the front portion will be longer and the back side is shorter and it cascades down. Like a bow. 

You may dry your hair for a brown-like appearance. 


So, try these styles. Have a wonderful time. 

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