September 23, 2023

Green tea may help to overcome the symptoms of ‘Depression’


Green tea is produced using camellia sinensis leaf, a kind of leaf which has many nutritious qualities.

Green tea is widely used as a best alternative to the daily drinks such as tea and coffee, considering the fact that it is more beneficial and less harmful than the common drinks like tea and coffee.

Unfortunately, many of us only know the benefit of weight management gifted by this drink. The reality is that there are many more benefits for this drink, other than the benefit of weight management.

A new study has discovered that this powerful drink has the ability of help overcome the symptoms of depression.

Green tea contains several bioactive components. EGCG is the most powerful compound in this drink.

The aforementioned compound has many qualities. This compound is what makes the green tea a perfect option for health enthusiasts.

As per health expert’s view, this tea may help to cut cancer risk, improve heart health, regulate blood pressure and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.



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