September 19, 2021

Govt spoils trust put by people in LIC, alleges Priyanka Gandhi

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has levelled a serious allegation against the BJP-led central government over its policy related to the Life Insurance Corporation of India.

Ms Priyanka alleged that the central government invested the funds amassed by the LIC in certain loss making businesses.

She has strongly opposed the policy. And, she has mocked the policy as a loss-making policy’.

Similar allegation has been raised by another senior leader of the Grand Old Party, Ajay Maken. The leader has cited an official report. He alleged that the LIC doubled its investment in the risky public sector undertakings recently.

The allegations are of serious in nature, as it deals with a sensitive issue which many in the country are concerned about.

The allegations can even damage the image of the LIC among the common public. It can even make both short term as well as short term damages to the company as well as the government under which the LIC has adopted the controversial policy.

The majority of the customers of the LIC are the working class population of the country which constitutes a large chunk of the country’s population.

It is hoped that the government will give a befitting replay to the allegations raised by the Congress against its LIC policy.

Several supporters of the government have already dismissed the allegations as baseless and politically motivated.

If the allegations are found irrelevant, the government should make sure that no political leader attempt to damage the image of the company, which is built solely on trust, for petty political gains in future.

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