February 23, 2024
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Govt aims to increase budget allocation for education


It is unclear why our country has not made any significant improvement in the extremely important sector of education. Lack of proper infrastructure, underpaid teachers, visionless curriculum and lack of proper funding are still the notable features of our education system. No political party has yet showed any clear enthusiasm to revamp the education sector. Undisputedly, there are flaws in all layers of education sector, from the primary education sector to the higher education sector. Non employable graduates, the vacant seats in professional collages, and the trend of discontinuation prevailing among the higher education pursuers are the most evident after-effects of the flawed education system of our country.

It seems that the BJP government is preparing to do something to change the whole scenario. While speaking to a national daily, a senior minister of the BJP government has asserted that the government would increase the budget allocation for the education sector.

At present, the budget allocation for the education sector is little more than four per cent. It seems that the government aims to increase the budget allocation for the education sector from four per cent to six per cent.

The gradual increase in the allocation is expected to make radical changes in the sector. What are those changes that the education sector needs urgently?         


Vignesh. S. G

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