August 9, 2020

Google suspending Map maker

unique times-Google suspending Map maker

unique times-Google suspending Map maker

The Map maker service that helps and allows anyone to find their way correctly has been suspended now due to vandalism. The map maker allowed its users to draw lines, feature, and add roads, rivers, green spaces and local landmarks. But an image of its Android mascot urinating on the Apple’s logo was not appreciated and welcomed by Google. Google has stated that this suspension is temporary but might take some time to fix the problem. There was an apology for this but after that there were findings of few hacks were found. The service uses a combination of Google reviewers and trusted them to moderate and alter the Map maker contributions, but it is now found that the setup now has some defects. Due to this, Google has already suspended the auto- approval and user modification abilities. The company is now looking forward in introducing new moderation methods in order to avoid the vandalism problem.


Bejoy George

Photo courtesy: Google

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