May 28, 2022
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Global Strike for Climate: School students call on protest demanding action against climate change

Lakhs and lakhs of students across the world have walked out of their classes, demanding the immediate intervention of governments and business leaders on the highly sensitive matter of climate change.

The students from around 110 different counties across the world have participated in the historic strake.

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, who staged a protest outside her country’s parliament for climate in the name of ‘School Strike for Climate’ at the age of fifteen, is the inspiration to the millions of teenagers who support the student action against the evil of climate change.

Ms Greta is now a global figure. She often comes up publically against the evil of climate change. It is hard to believe that the solo strike launched by this Swedish student is what stands as a global moment now.

The participants of the strike, mostly teenagers, have projected themselves as the victims of the inaction of the grownups.

This is not the first time a coordinated International strike for climate has been conducted in the world. It is the second such strike in the world, after the March 15 school strike for climate.

In the coming days, more serious strikes are likely to be conducted across the world against the issue of climate change.

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