December 1, 2021
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Getting the Message Through Effectively

getting the message throughWherever you go, one of the most essential things which any human needs is to convey whatever matter which they are trying to communicate in a clear manner with no faults. Having good communication skills serve to be the key basis to effectively passing on a message through whether it be to your colleagues or to your friends etc. So where am I going with this is what your probably wondering? You see nowadays people have become more competitive in their jobs, than they were back then, whenever that then maybe. People do not simply want to take up a position and stay put. Some however do, do that as they are quite satisfied with the position which they are in. But there are many who seek to achieve more and they reach for the stars and the moon and beyond. However certain things stop them for getting where they want to be. One of the most difficult obstacles faced by any individual in the business field or any work field for that matter is speaking up. Some do not speak up due to lack of confidence in what they are saying or there are those who do not speak up due to fear of their English being weak, whatever reasons they may have, their lack of communication especially to their colleagues and their boss will make them lag in the work place.

So how can you effectively communicate? Firstly clarify yourself on the matter that there are many types of communication. I am going to just go into the broader based view here just for a second. As an employee or even as a CEO of the company I am very certain that you are well aware that from the way you walk, to the way you sit to how you wear your tie or suit, down to the way you speak or look at an individual will communicate certain messages.  So keep in mind that communication does not just occur through plain and simple speech. It occurs in many ways just as well. So now jumping onto how to communicate effectively with your colleagues or your boss, or vice versa where the boss needs to effectively communicate a message to the colleagues.

When you speak learn to speak up whatever it is that is going through your head, learn to contribute into whatever team work is occurring in the office. If you are weak in English, then there’s only one way build up your confidence and speak with what little English you know. However of course not all places may require you to speak in English, but whatever language whether it be Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil speak up even if you don’t know much of the language. Remember practice makes perfect, the more you practice through speaking that certain language which you are weak at, you will be corrected by others, and through your mistakes you will come to learn how to speak properly. Also this will show to your boss and to your colleagues, the effort which you are putting forth which will be a good light on you in front them. Also when you speak up make sure that you are not interrupting your other co-workers or your boss, because that will send a negative message that you are not listening or cooperating with others in your team.

Moving onto the next point when you speak make certain that the tone of your voice is friendly, yet carried out in a mature manner which doesn’t mean to scare others making them feel as if your overpowering them, but to communicate in an approachable manner. The words you use need not be so complex, but simple and understandable that the message which you are attempting to get through is delivered effectively without any confusion or raised questions. And if there are questions be ready to answer them in a manner where your colleagues and boss can understand. The key point is that the audience to whom you are speaking to understands.

Another matter of fact is something which I have mentioned in my previous articles. You are the way you dress. I repeat this once again. You are the WAY you DRESS!! I stress it highly because notice when you dress all clumsy and you go out people won’t treat you with respect, but when you go into your office dressing in a clean cut manner from your hair, to your tie, to your polished shoes which look as new as the day you bought them, you will be respected. That is something which needs to be noted down by men. Nowadays there are many youngsters who are entering into the business field thinking they can be slick and cool with their new messy hairstyle. Dear young gentlemen please understand that, the messy hairdo will not work if you are trying to communicate the message to your boss that you are a serious and hardworking employee. That doesn’t mean you need to go all geeky with your hairstyle, just learn to be a gentleman. Look around you, at those successful men who dress and learn from them. A man who knows how to dress is top class. And combing your hair back rather than putting it up in spikes doesn’t mean you’re not “cool”, it just means you have class. A little note for those men who like leaving just one button open in your shirt just because you cannot keep it buttoned up to the collar because you feel uncomfortable…it looks very and I repeat very unkempt. So button up your shirt properly when you are in the office and show your boss that you are a gentleman, not some guy who just rolled out of bed and threw something laying on the floor on just because he had to come into office.  As for the ladies when it comes to such matters as dressing neatly, make certain that your hair is always tidy rather than entering into the office with the messy travel hairdo. You don’t want your boss to think that you were in a hurry blurry every morning. It will lay an impression on your boss that you are a late comer who is unorganized and untidy. Now we do not certainly want that do we? So to avoid such little messes carry a little brush or comb and before entering office make sure you are presentable. Put effort into the way you look, showing your boss that you are putting in an effort to come into office in an eager manner to take up whatever work which you will be given in an orderly fashion.

Readers, I am now pointing out one thing which many of us as school students were probably taught as a child. The way you sit. I was taught this when I was in my choir, though it was for the purposes of singing, the way I sat and stood I found should be carried on into my other classes just as well. Learn to sit and stand properly! So many people slouch, and are very much unaware that slouching gives an impression of laziness and it is as if you are hiding away from those around you. Don’t give such a message. Whether you are sitting or standing while you are giving a presentation at work, or you are simply sitting in a meeting, learn to sit by positioning yourself straight with your chest up and body straight. Don’t play with your fingers or your hands, but rather keep them still. Only little children play with their nails, biting them, scraping their nail polish off. Do not bring in such childish habits into the office place. Even if your boss is doing it, that does not mean you can. Learn to be proper ladies and gentlemen. Men, even women also note your handshake is also communicating to your boss of your confidence. That doesn’t mean go and squeeze the life out of your bosses’ or co-workers hands, it just means shake in a confident firm manner. Again note this point down don’t be clumsy with the handshake, it is first impression next to your appearance. When you are presenting something before your teammates remember do not fidget and stand properly and speak loudly with a clear tone of voice. Do not shift your weight now and then so much that it becomes notable. Fidgeting and constant shifting is distracting to your co-workers as they will become focused on that rather than your presentation.

I’ve mentioned so far what the employees need to do, but to the dear bosses of these employees, please note down that however it is you got to the position where you are now, you are there because you earned it of course. And you earned it through your hard work and the effort which you have put forth and because obviously you are a true team player who can work well with others. But boss, whenever your employees make mistakes, or stands to be corrected, do it in a way where it does not throw your employee back making them feel uncomfortable. It is up to you to make certain that the office atmosphere is not an uncomfortable place but rather orderly but friendly. The way you talk to your employees when a mistake has occurred rather than reacting quickly, calm down and evaluate their mistake and teach them. Explain to them as to what has been done wrong and correct them so that they do not repeat their mistakes. As a boss it is up to you to set an example as to how to behave in the office. This in itself will communicate a message that you are a boss who the employees are capable of learning many things from to get ahead in the work place. In showing your employees how you communicate with them in a calm, cool and a collected manner will set an example for them as well as give them confidence that they will be able to approach you with any doubts which they have, or the confidence to simply work in the office properly. That does not of course mean that you should become completely laid back. Be strict, but again approachable would be the word to use over friendly when it comes to the way you are with the employees as you want to communicate the message that they as your employees will learn much being under your leadership.

Just always note whether you are an employee or a boss, just because you speak in a confident manner will not mean that you are communicating effectively, You have to dress and act the part as well. And if you are not confident to speak up due to your lack of knowledge in the language please learn to put aside that fear, as it will get you nowhere, and you need to get somewhere,  because isn’t that why you spend all your life trying to get to where you are now? So stand straight, be proper, and speak up.

Denisha Sahadevan


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