March 23, 2023
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Gauri Lankesh Murder Case: Her anti-Hindu views reason behind her murder


Dissolving the dark clouds surrounding the brutal murder of a renowned journalist-activist in the garden city of Bengaluru, the charge sheet submitted by the Special Investigation Team has asserted that it was the anti-Hindu views of Gauri Lankesh which led to her death.

There are clear indications in the charge sheet that the prime accused was very angry with the victim because of her anti-Hindu views.

It is believed that there are similar indications in the confession statements the accused persons made before the magistrate related to the case.

The confession statements the accused persons made have not yet been published due to the fear that it may help those complicit to the crime find easy ways to escape from the clutches of judiciary.

Ms Gauri was a fearless journalist. She actively campaigned against the rise of Hindu fundamentalism. Like her father, she was also regarded as the most powerful journalist of the South Indian state of Karnataka. Her write-ups and opinion stories always irritated the ruling elites who feared the emergence of dissents and truthful persons.

The death of Ms Gauri triggered a national wide uproar, and a serious debate about the safety of those dedicatedly writes and works for the downtrodden and marginalised.


Vignesh. S. G

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