May 30, 2024
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Fuel To Cost More In Punjab, 90 Paise/Litre Cess On Petrol, Diesel Imposed

In a meeting of the state cabinet held here on Friday, the Punjab government resolved to impose a 90 pence per litre cess on gasoline and diesel.

Aman Arora, the minister for housing and urban development, responded, “Cess has been levied,” when asked if any taxes had been placed on gasoline and diesel. Following the cabinet meeting, he was talking to media.

“Because for a long time, the need was felt.. and I think Punjab today needs revenue generation,” Mr Arora noted. Mr. Arora responded that the cess on gasoline and diesel will be 90 paise per litre when asked how much it was.¬†Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann presided over a cabinet meeting in Chandigarh.

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