September 25, 2022

From Beginner to Miss Queen of India

Every girl at some point in her childhood dreams of becoming a Miss India. And I was no different. I grew up watching beauty pageants and aspired to be the one getting crowned someday. However, hailing from a family that gives importance to education more than anything else, I wasn’t allowed to pursue modeling unless I had a professional degree in hand, which was absolutely justified. Years flew by and with time, the dream of making it big in the glamour industry slowly faded away. Owing to my inclination towards biology, I took up biotechnology post my higher secondary education. At the age of 23, my teenage dream was long forgotten. However, destiny has its own ways. All thanks to Mr. Ajith Pegasus and Mrs Jebitha Pegasus.

The day I learnt about the auditions of Miss Queen of India to be held in Mumbai, I thought to myself that may be I shouldn’t lose hope,not yet! Convincing my folks for allowing me to attend the auditions was a tall order but was achieved successfully. To be honest, I had nothing to lose. But little did I know that not only would I make it through the auditions but also win the pageant! It was an exhilarating moment for me. The 5 day training prior to the main pageant proved to be immensely helpful since it was my first stint in this industry. During this period all my apprehensions and preconceived notions were proven wrong. I had the most amazing team that one could ever have. Being a fresher, I was ready for being snubbed around at. But to my surprise, the support and encouragement that I got from my fellow contestants and the trainers was commendable. Our grooming trainer, Ms Valentina Mishra did not leave any stone unturned to make sure that each one of us walked the correct walk.  And I was lucky enough to have participated in the pageant choreographed by one the most talented ones, Sameer Khan and Arun Ratna. Winning this pageant has made me a lot more confident and stable today. The win has opened a lot more avenues for me in the glamour industry. Moreover it has made me believe in the fact that dreams do come true. I owe all this to the parents of Miss Queen of India, Mr Ajith and Mrs Jebitha Pegasus and the entire team of Miss Queen of India. And lastly my parents who today have become more supportive of me post the win. This experience has made me realize that patience is definitely THE virtue!!!!

Pooja Bhamrah
Miss Queen of India 2011


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