July 15, 2020
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Fresh assault allegation levelled against Kavanaugh

A fresh sexual assault allegation has been levelled against United States Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh by a former classmate of one of the top most judicial official in the world’s most powerful country in terms of both economy and military power.

Unsurprisingly, US President Donald Trump has come forward to defend the judge. He has even appealed to the judicial framework of the country to protect come to the rescue of the judge.

It is not the first time that the judge has faced an allegation of this nature. In the past, at least two allegations of similar nature were levelled against the judge. Notably, like this time, the US suprmeo defended his favourite judge. Mr Trump viewed this merely as a political matter. He found the timing of the allegations suspicious, as the previous two were levelled just before the judge’s official induction as the member of the top most court of the country with the blessings of the US president.

The appointment of the judge tilted the highest court, which was otherwise dominated by the Democrats, in favour of the Republicans. Naturally, Mr Trump easily portrayed the allegations as a wicked attempt of the Democrats to derail the Republicans’ attempt to turn the court in their favour.

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