April 16, 2024

FORTUNER – Second Gen

The Fortuner is powered by the same 177bhp 2.8 litre four cylinder diesel used in the Innova Automatic. Throttle response is quite sharp in Power mode and the car leaps forward eagerly. The Fortuner is available in manual and auto variants with 420Nm and 450Nm torque respectively. The 6-speed manual gearbox has a new shorter shift lever in place of the original’s tall, commercial truck style unit. It also blips the throttle a little to match your engine speed with the road speed while changing gears. The six-speed automatic is particularly smooth shifting, although it is a bit lazy at delivering downshifts, beeping when you ask for it while waiting for the rpm to drop. In both variants, it is best to upshift early as the engine only produces healthy power up to 3500rpm after which it gets too noisy.

The Fortuner gets a new selectable four-wheel drive system in place of the earlier full-time all-wheel drive version. It is thus more efficient when driven in two-wheel drive mode. The system also uses individual wheel braking to simulate a limited slip differential when required.

The new Fortuner is better equipped, feels more premium and luxurious than the one it replaces. Then, there is the air of indestructibility surrounding it and the peace of mind with that Toyota badge upfront. But, it all comes to a price that is Rs.27.52 – 31.12 lakhs ex-showroom, which is a lot more than the outgoing car. It is also the most expensive car of the lot, but will hold its value better than anything else out there.


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