September 26, 2023
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Flow of members from Congress to BJP continues in Karnataka

Congress BJP JD(S) Karnataka

In Karnataka, the biggest problem the Grand Old Party is facing is the continuous flow to its members to the Saffron Party, whose state leadership is not unwilling to do anything to keep that flow undisrupted.

Recently, the Congress party has lost a key member in the state. Chincholi MLA Umesh Jadhav is the latest big man who has switched his loyalty from Rahul Gandhi’s party to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party. Mr Jadhav has resigned from the MLA post, which he won in the Congress ticket. He is a very popular leader in that part of Karnataka, where he serves people as a political leader. Actually, in that part of the state, he is identified not because of his party, but the party he has just left is identified just because of him. In that sense, the switching of loyalty of the leader may create a serious turmoil in that part of the state in favourable to the Saffron Party.

The resigned MLA’s brother has informed the media persons that his brother would contest in the BJP ticket in the upcoming General Election from the Kalaburgi Lok Sabha constituency.

The BJP was the single largest party in the state when the assembly election result was declared. But, it failed to win as much as seat required in safeguarding the seat of power. For that reason, it was toppled from the seat days after its leader was inducted as the CM of the state. Utilising the opportunity, in order to keep the BJP away from the corridor of power, fearing the rebirth of the BJP in the state, the Congress extended unconditional support to the JD(S), as the Congress and JD(S) could together form the majority in the state assembly required to claim the seat of power. Since then, the BJP has been trying to destabilise the already wricked Congress. The latest is the part of that development.            


Vignesh. S. G

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