February 25, 2024
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First Drops of Bliss: Exploring the Five States in India that Embrace Monsoon Showers First

India is known for its diverse climate, and one of the most eagerly awaited seasons is the monsoon. Monsoons bring relief from scorching summers and rejuvenate the land with their life-giving showers. While the entire country eagerly anticipates the arrival of the monsoon, there are a few states that witness the first drops of rain. In this blog, we will explore the five states in India that are blessed to receive the monsoon showers first.

  1. Kerala: Kerala, located in the southwestern part of India, is the first state to welcome the monsoon. With its rich green landscapes, backwaters, and coastal charm, Kerala is renowned for its beautiful and refreshing monsoons. The southwest monsoon winds hit Kerala around the first week of June, bringing much-needed relief from the scorching summer heat.
  2. Goa: Nestled along the western coastline of India, Goa is a popular tourist destination known for its sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. The monsoon arrives in Goa shortly after Kerala, usually by the second or third week of June. While some tourists might avoid visiting during this season, monsoon showers give Goa a unique charm, with lush greenery and quieter beaches.
  3. Karnataka: The state of Karnataka, located in the southern part of India, experiences the arrival of monsoon showers soon after Goa. The cities of Mangalore and Udupi, situated along the Arabian Sea coast, are among the first to receive rainfall. Karnataka’s picturesque landscapes, including the Western Ghats and coffee plantations, come alive during the monsoons, making it a great time to visit.
  4. Maharashtra: Maharashtra, home to India’s financial capital, Mumbai, is another state that receives early monsoon showers. The arrival of the monsoon in Mumbai is a highly anticipated event, marked by heavy rains and occasional thunderstorms. The monsoon typically reaches Maharashtra by late June or early July, bringing respite from the scorching summer heat.
  5. Gujarat: Gujarat, located on India’s western coast, experiences the onset of monsoon showers around the same time as Maharashtra. The state’s coastline, with popular destinations like Diu and Daman, witnesses a surge in greenery and pleasant weather during this time. Monsoon festivals like the famous “Tarnetar Fair” also attract tourists to Gujarat during the rainy season.


The monsoon season in India holds great significance for its agricultural, cultural, and ecological aspects. The first monsoon showers bring relief and joy to people across the country. While these five states – Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Gujarat – are among the first to receive the monsoon, the entire nation eagerly awaits the rains that mark the beginning of this beautiful season. So, if you’re a monsoon lover, plan a visit to these states to experience the magic of the first showers in India.


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