June 22, 2024
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Even if delayed, the final year exams must be held: Supreme Court

Students cannot be promoted without final year college/University exam being conducted, said by the Supreme Court. So it has upheald that the UCG,s July ^ circular that the degree’s cannot be granded or prompted to the students without conducting the exams. However, the schedules and dates has allowed some leeway and vis-a-vis. Some main points of Supreme Court orders are:

  • As ordered by UGC, no state can promote final year students without final examinations.
  • Under Disaster Management Act, states can postpone exams in view of  pandamic.
  • To fix dates for holding final examination, the states can consult UGC, at a date convenient and suitable in view of the pandamic.
  • In effect it means that the September 30 dead line of UGC is not mandatory and the dated



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