July 23, 2024
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‘Dilli 6’: Food festival recreates royal dining with the flavours of old Delhi

The majestic culinary and cultural glory of old Delhi has made its way to a food festival here   — this time through the lens of strong female figures from the Mughal era. From “Kakori Kebabs” and “Jahangiri Mutton Quorma” to “Dahi Gujhiya” and “Sheermal,” the majestic culinary and cultural glory of old Delhi has made its way to a food festival here in Okhla.

The 12th edition of the “Dilli 6” food festival, which is underway at Edesia in Crowne Plaza Okhla and is themed “Noor-e-Khawateen” (radiance of womankind), is an ode to the ‘Mallikas’ of yore — Begum Nur Jahan, Princess Jahanara, and Empress Razia Sultan — encouraging Delhiites to step back in time and dine like a royal. Several sweet shops greet visitors, followed by a stall selling the popular deep-fried breads from Chandni Chowk’s famous ‘paranthe wali gali.’ The paranthas come with a variety of fillings, including’mirchi,’ ‘nimbu,’ ‘papad,”mewa,’ and others.

“The Dilli 6 food festival is a signature experience of our hotel, where we serve authentic delicacies from Old Delhi’s bylanes, prepared in a sanitary environment.” “We are attempting to salute the powerful female icons of the royal eras through curated culinary, cultural, and dining experiences this year,” said Shuvendu Banerjee, general manager, Crowne Plaza, Okhla.For guests to get a sense of the opulent lifestyle lived by the female protagonists of the centuries-old Mughal era, the hotel has designed multiple dining experiences.
Jahanara Lounge (a luxurious Mughal suite), Sultanat-E-Razia (a royal court), and Mughal Sena Shivir are among the attractions (ancient Mughal army themed dining experience as an ode to braveheart Nur Jahan).

‘Kalmi Vada,’ ‘Aloo Tikkis,’ ‘Fruit Kulia,’ ‘Dahi Gujhiya,’ ‘Papdi,’ ‘Noorani Kebabs,’ ‘Reshami Kebabs,’ ‘Bhutta Seekh Kebabs,’ ‘Murgh Begum Bahar,’ Nihari, and Biryani’ are among the best street delicacies and main course specials. “Our opulent Dilli 6 menu allows guests to savour time-honored culinary recipes that have been passed down through the generations.” “Our chefs have worked with local karigars and Chandni Chowk vendors to create delectable indulgences that are deeply rooted in Delhi’s history,” said Pradipt Sinha, Crowne Plaza’s director of food and beverage.

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