May 28, 2023

Dental Care : Ask The Smile Expert

Q: I have black stains on my teeth especially on the back side of my teeth. I am planning to get married soon. I do not smoke or drink tea. Why is it that I have black stains on the teeth. Is there any treatment for the problem?

A: If you are having stains on the teeth, you need to clean them professionally with a dentist. This procedure could be done in many ways. Ultra sonic or piezoelectric scalers could be used to clean the teeth. The most effective is to use a prophy-spray where in the teeth are cleaned using high intensity water and abrasive spray. The teeth which are having scratches or cracks will stain faster. The reason for the stains could be intake of tonics or medicine that contains metallic ions or stains .Some people have chromogenic bacteria in their mouth which causes stains on teeth. Such people may need repeated cleaning and polishing of surfaces to reduce the staining. Irregular teeth also can increase the chances of staining and has to be corrected for having a better smile.

Q: Two of my teeth are smaller in size in the front upper row. This causes spaces between teeth. I had done filling to correct the size, but the filling now is broken and has become yellowish. Do you have a permanent remedy for this?

A: Composite fillings can be used to correct the size and shape of teeth but may fail in due course of time. They may chip off or get discolored. Ceramic veneers or crowns are a better option to correct such problems. Veneers are thin custom made ceramic flakes that can be attached to the tooth with special cements to correct tooth deformities.

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