December 10, 2023
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Delhi Fridge Murder: Victim Was Hospitalised In 2020 For “Internal Injuries”

Investigations have shown that Shraddha Walkar, who was killed and dismembered by her live-in partner Aftab Ameen Poonawala, was hospitalised in Mumbai two years ago with internal injuries. Between December 3 and December 6, 2020, contact centre employee Shraddha Walkar, 26, was hospitalised in Vasai, a town close to Mumbai. This is the most recent indication of a fatally toxic and violent relationship.

Shraddha appears to have bruises on her nose, cheek, and neck in a photo shared by a friend, but it is unclear from the image whether it was taken while she was hospitalized.

Her friend Rahul Rai claimed that the picture was taken in 2020, when Shraddha went to the police to report that Aftab had beaten her. “I drove her to the police station. Two or three times, he had attacked her. She had a deep mark on her neck, suggesting that he may have attempted to choke her. Shraddha was afraid, but the police managed to convince her to return home, according to Mr. Rai.

She wasn’t physically hurt when she was admitted to the hospital that December, but a doctor reported that she had experienced severe back pain, trauma, and “internal injuries,” which might have resulted from a fall at home or other physical abuse.

She had spondylosis and trauma. There was no external injury but only internal injuries,” said Shivprasad Shinde, the doctor who treated her at the Ozone multispeciality hospital.

“She never came back for follow-up treatment,” Dr Shinde told NDTV.

“Severe back pain, nausea, neck pain, trouble moving the neck, and tingling and numbness in lower limbs,” according to the hospital report. Her back had been indicated for screening by the hospital. Shraddha regularly experienced domestic violence, according to her friends, who reported her to the police.

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