July 17, 2024
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Delhi bound Indigo flight aborted while taxing

Delhi bound Indigo flight from patna was aborted due to the engine failure. Flight number 6E-508, carrying 174 passengers, suffered an engine failure while it was taxiing for take off at Patna Airport. The flight supposed to take of at around 18:00 hours on Friday, was pulled off from runway following the incident. This in return has affected the operation of various other airlines at the airport.


Indigo Spokesperson while talking about the incident said “ Flight 6E-508 was involved in a low speed reject due to suspected engine stall. As smoke was observed in the cabin, the captain decided to evacuate the passengers as a precaution.” He also reported there were no kind of engine fire or tyre bust and all the 174 passengers on board were evacuated safely.

The aviation regulator DGCA has been informed about the incident and a probe into the matter has been started. Indigo too has taken action for an internal inquiry on the matter.

Azam Sait

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