August 6, 2021
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Defence authorities to reconsider ‘OROP to PMR policy’

manohar-parrikar_759As good news to all Premature Military Retiaries, Defence Ministry on last day revealed their new plan about ‘One Rank One Pension to PMR’ policy. According to plan, the authorities are expected to include PMR’s under the ONOP beneficiary category.

While speaking to media personals, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar claims that the government had constituted a judicial body to consider the issues regarding One Rank One Pension plan. It would probably reconsider the PMR’s issue, it added.

Earlier, some top Indian Medias had predicted a positive fluctuation of government ONOP policy and indicated that it will be favourable to PMR’s.  Recently, on early November, Defence Ministry clarified that the military officials who are opting PMR cannot demand benefits of OROP scheme.

Experts assert that the PMR provision is keeping the military forces young and active. It is providing opportunities to the youth blood to replace the old, they added. According to reports, at least thousands of soldiers are opting PMR’s every year.

The unscientific and prejudiced polices in the defence department will heart the morals of the army men who are fighting for us, claim experts.A military source informed Medias that PMR is extremely beneficial to the military forces as it helps to maintain the youth charm of the Indian military.

If soldiers continue to stay in the force only to attain eligibility for OROP, it will block the vacancies in the force which is essential to refresh the army, source reportedly added. However, the current crisis would only affect the future cases; those who had already opted PMR are safe and are eligible for OROP benefit.



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