September 25, 2022
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Dalit politics: Rahul observes fast today to promote communal harmony


The Indian state of Karnataka is going to witness a crucial assembly election next month. For the last few months, especially since the national parties started their campaigns for the Karnataka assembly election, the country has been witnessing some unusual Dalit movements. Many may not wonder if they are told that there is a relation between the Dalit movements and present Karnataka politics.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is today observing fast at Rajghat to protest against the clashes and violence the nation witnessed during the Bharat Bandh organised by the Dalit organisations on April 2.

Actually, is there any relation between the upcoming Karnataka assembly election result and the way the national parties other than the BJP react to the Dalit movements?

It is alleged that for last few months, the national leaders, particularly opposition leaders, have been showing too much sensitivity to the Dalit issues.

Is it wrong to assume that those parties which show more sensitivity to the Dalit issues have more possibility to emerge as winner once the Karnataka assembly result is released, than those which are less sensitive to the issues of the deprived class?

An unofficial report, denounced by many regional leaders of Karnataka as wrong, asserts that the Dalit vote base is more significant than the Lingayath and Vokkaliga vote base in the state as it outnumbers the dominant communities in terms of the total number of eligible voters.


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