March 21, 2023
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Coronavirus Updates: Postponed HSS and SSLC exam may be held at May 11

The state government is investigating the chance of holding the pending SSLC and higher secondary school assessments in the second seven day stretch of May. Be that as it may, the dates have not been finished and the new calendar might be reported after the lockdown. The bureau meeting on Wednesday will talk about the issue and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is required to accept a last call.

As per the suggestion, the pending Class X and Class XII exams are probably going to start on May 11 and the exam on May 15. It has additionally been wanted to report the outcomes in the principal seven day stretch of June.According to the recommendation, Plus One and Plus Two exams will be held in the first part of the day and SSLC exams toward the evening, sources said. On Tuesday, a Quality Improvement Program (QIP) meeting of delegates of the educators’ affiliations and a casual gathering led by Education Minister C Raveendranath were held to talk about the timetable of the exams conceded because of the 40-day lockdown forced in the nation. In the two gatherings, the feeling was consistent to plan the assessments in the second week of May.

Sources near the general education department disclosed that the gathering met by the minister was casual and it intends to lead exam sticking to the social distancing conventions and with enough health safeties. Raveendranath additionally asked General Education Secretary A Shajahan and General Education Director Jeevan Babu to organize the sanitisation of schools and study halls before the assessments start.

Taking a U-turn its previous order, the Higher Education Department explained that “colleges may choose the appropriate dates for directing the rest of the assessments after the facilitating of limitations in the state”.

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