March 1, 2024
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‘Corona’ a shops name has now became the talk of the town in Kerala

Muvattupuzha town is grabbing eyeballs towards a textile shop with its unusual name almost like the continued outbreak of novel coronavirus.

Located about 40 kms from the commercial capital of the state, ‘Corona’ is a textile shop owned by Pareed, and for several years he has been popularly referred to as ‘Corona Pareed’.

“Now, i’m wanted person here. While many want to take selfie, others just smile, once they check out me. I see many travelling in vehicles and once they undergo ahead of my shop, they pop their head out and take a look ,” said Pareed.

Corona Textiles sells all cloth materials and also features a stitching unit. When asked about how the name was discovered and who sugggested he said, “I searched within the dictionary and liked the word.” And, Pareed wary of what the word today means, has made it sure that the now deadly corona is kept out of his shop. He has kept a sanitiser for all those who enter his shop.

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