May 20, 2024
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Consolation to Shah Rukh Khan and family; NCB says there is no evidence against Aryan Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and his family have been granted relief in the drug case. The Narcotics Control Bureau Special Investigation Team has found no evidence in the case against Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. According to a national media report, the raid was led by Sameer Wankhede and was reported by the probe team.

The NCB points out that the main mistake was not filming the raid proceedings. No drugs were seized from Aryan Khan. The mobile phone should not have been seized. Examination of the chats revealed that the NCB had nothing to do with the drug mafia and that the conspiracy allegations were baseless. The SIT report will be submitted within two months.

On October 3, the Narcotics Control Bureau arrested several people, including Aryan Khan. He was arrested while having a drunken party on the luxury ship Cordelia Impressa off the coast of Mumbai. Cannabis, hashish and MDMA were seized from them. Aryan was released on bail after serving a month in prison. Juhi, who is also a close friend of Shah Rukh Khan, was granted bail by Aryan Khan in the case.

The Bombay High Court granted bail to all the three accused, including Aryan, on 14 conditions, including not leaving the country, having their passports tied up in court and appearing before the inquiry team on Friday. Mukul Rohtagi, a senior advocate for Aryan, appeared in the High Court. Rohtagi had pointed out during the argument that Aryan was not addicted to drugs and that there was not even a medical test result for drug use.

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