March 30, 2020
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Congress scion mocks FM’s explanation about crisis in automobile sector

Congress scion Rahul Gandhi has mocked the explanation of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman regarding the issue of the crisis in the automobile sector of the country.

Recently, the Finance Minister cited the change in the mindset of the new generation as the reason for the reduction of the sales of vehicles in the country –thus, the reason for the crisis in the automobile sector.

The FM said that the new generation prefers using taxi aggregators over using personal cars.

The Congress leader has strongly denounced this explanation. He has mocked the explanation indirectly also.

The new generation leader of the Grand Old Party says what the country now needs is not foolish theories but a concrete plan to recover the economy from the crisis.

Meanwhile, he has appreciated the FM for admitting that there is a problem in the economy at this moment.

He has termed the courage to admit there is a problem as a good beginning.

The automobile sector of the country is under serious crisis at this moment. The main issue is the reduction of the sales of vehicles.

It is learned that the government prepares to bring in serious measures to improve the sales of vehicles in the country.

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