September 25, 2023
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Congress leader raises several allegations against NDA’s VP candidate

Severe allegations of corruption have been raised against NDA’s Vice President Candidate M Venkaiah Naidu by Congress Party leader Jairam Ramesh, triggering a fresh controversy. Nearly four strong allegations have been levelled against the BJP leader: the issue related to the Harsha Toyota, the Swarna Bharat Trust, Bhopal land and Nellore land. Calling all of those allegations ‘politically motivated’, he has strongly denounced them. Defending his position in the Harsha Toyota issue, the leader has claimed that his son’s company, which was alleged to have grabbed the contract related to the supply of vehicles for the Telangana Police, has not directly done any business with the government. While speaking about the Swarna Bharat Trust, in which his daughter is a trustee, for which the Telangana government gave some exemptions, the NDA’s VP candidate has asserted that it is not the only trust which got such exemptions in the state. Similarly, other two allegations related to the land grab have been dismissed by Mr Naidu. Notably, he has taken a tactical approach to defending his position. Instead of running away from the allegation, he has given trustable explanations to almost all allegations raised by his opponents. Thus, there, he has showcased his skill as a veteran political leader. Mr Naidu will face the candidate of eighteen non-NDA parties, Gopalkrishna Gandhi in the upcoming Vice President elections. Unlike the presidential election in which the members of the parliament, except the nominated members, and members of the legislative assembly is allowed to vote, only the members of the Parliament, in which the NDA has a satisfactory advantage, is permitted to vote in the Vice President election.


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