June 8, 2023
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Uproar in upper house over farm crisis

The upper house of the parliament has witnessed uproar over the farm crisis, as both of the political factions, the ruling and the opposition, have blamed each other for the crisis in the agrarian sector. Indirectly showcasing that the policies of the central government are the prime reasons behind the crisis in the agrarian segment of the country, the opposition parties have criticised the central government, which is headed by the BJP, for the, so called, anti-government policies. Meanwhile, denouncing the allegations raised against the government, erecting an invisible defence wall around the government, the BJP and its allies have appreciated the central government for its pro-poor and pro-agrarian policies. Admitting that there are some troubles in the agrarian sector, the NDA leaders claim that those troubles are the aftereffects of flawed policies taken by the erstwhile UPA regime. By raising such an argument, the NDA leaders are trying to defend its government from the threat posed by the rise in dissatisfaction among the agrarian sector, which is one of the prime political forces. When the pro-NDA leaders have highlighted the crop insurance, minimum support price and irrigation schemes as their achievement, the congress and other prime opposition parties have blamed that the BJP government is insensitive towards the agrarian policy. Noteworthy, the Trinamool Congress has advised the ruling party to adopt the policies introduced by its government to increase the farmer income.


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