June 6, 2023
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Commentary: The Wrong Precedent

What that has been set in the Kerala Legislative Assembly is a wrong precedent. Clearly, the Congress Party by obstructing the entry of the State Governor into the assembly has gone far below the CPM – which once unleashed violence in the house in the name of obstructing a budget presentation.

The Governor is the head of the state. By disrespecting the head of the state, the opposition has mocked at the people of the state. Not only that, by the disrespectful act, it has lost the moral right to speak against the evil of injustice.

What the opposition really wants is the removal of the Governor from his seat of power. They see the attitude of the Governor in the matter of CAA inconsistent with the opinion of the assembly.

Firstly, what is wrong with the attitude of the Governor? Citizenship is a union subject. The sole right to decide on the matter resides with the central government. If a Governor finds his state improperly encroach into the space of the union in defiance of the concept of federalism, he/she should warn his state against that action; in fact, it is his duty.

In the present scenario, noting inappropriate can be seen in the attitude of the Governor. In fact, in the house, he, in respect of the assembly, has even read a paragraph about the CAA act prepared by the state government, though he personally possesses a different opinion about that paragraph – he has even mentioned that fact clearly when he has read that controversial paragraph.

Anyway, what has happened in the Kerala Legislative Assembly is politics. It is unfortunate that a place as sacred as the place of worship has been misused for petty political gains.

It is even more disturbing that the Congress Party, which was instrumental in the development of the Constitution of the country – which speaks volumes about the need to develop a healthy state-centre relation, has played a major role in setting this wrong precedent – which defies the concept of mutual respect come under the concept of federalism.

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