July 13, 2024
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Commentary: The Downside of CAA protest

The NDA’s adamant attitude that they will under no circumstance step back from the route they have entered implies that the BJP-led front is very much confident that their vote base will stand with them in this issue.

The faction which aims to make a political impetus with the movement against the CAA misses the pulse of the silent majority – on which the NDA relies for their electoral success.

The opposition is clearly at the wrong side at this moment. The present approach only makes them less appealing to the said silent majority – which enjoys a serious say over the direction the country should move.

The opposition could have handled the situation much better. It is true that a section of the society is not happy with the CAA and they fear that the act will deprive them off their citizenship – which they consider highly valuable than anything else.

If handled rightly, the opposition could have pressurised the ruling to address the concern of the unhappy section when the bill was in the parliament.

Instead, the opposition has preferred to take a different path. They have supported the path of street protest – sadly, some of them have turned violent.
The path of violence is not the right path. It may undermine the noble purpose for which the movement has been commenced.

If the opposition is genuinely interested to project the concerns of the unhappy section, it is not too late to come up with a responsible protest against the CAA.

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