August 20, 2022
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Commentary: The ‘UnModified’ State of Kerala

The Saffron Party has established its strong presence in almost all states of the country by now. It is the party that rules the country. It is the single largest party in both the Upper House of the Parliament and the Lower House. It is a significant presence in each and every State Assembly in the country. Now, most of the Indian states are ruled either by the BJP or by its allies.

Yet, Kerala is not anywhere in the list of glory of the saffron camp, Why? This is a big question.

It is not easy to give a clear answer to that. Many attribute the low electoral performance of the BJP in Kerala to the complex political equation of the state.

The BJP is largely regarded as a Hindutuva party. In reality, it is supported by the politics of Hindutuva.

Unlike other states, in Kerala, that community supports the Communist parties. The effort of the Saffron camp to turn the community against the Communist parties has not yet succeeded completely, even though the camp has triggered several sensitive issues capable to turn the community against the ruling faction of the state in the recent past.

Anyway, the things are not that favourable for the Communist faction at this moment. The faction’s foolish policies, ignoring the realities, have made the things simple for the saffron faction.

What disturbs the Communist faction at this moment is the consistently growing influence of the saffron faction in the state.

The Communist parties of the state should learn lesson from the present state of the Communist parties in West Bengal, where they were once the only political voice.

It is high time for the Communist faction of the state to realise that the peculiar political equation of the state, which has helped them so far, will not be in favour of them forever.

If the faction is serious about defending the growth of the Hindutuva politics in the state, they should stop playing with the sensitive issues that can disturb their core supporters.

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