May 26, 2024
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Protester shot at chest; Hong Kong protest enters unprecedented level

A teenage protester has been shot at chest from short distance by a police officer in the Chinese city of Hong Kong. The incident has taken the disturbance in the region to an unprecedented level. People have gathered in large numbers in the streets of the city to protest against the unacceptable action done by the police. The protesters have even taken up sticks to attack the police.

Though the city generally experiences disturbance on the day of the Chinese National Day celebration, not anytime in the recent past the protest has reached this height.

The city has been experiencing disturbance for last few months. It was the introduction of a controversial law – which seeks to make the extradition of people from Hong Kong to China – that triggered the protest. Though the bill was withdrawn later, the protest was not withdrawn. It, which started as a movement against the bill, transformed into a movement for greater freedom. The protesters demand greater freedom from China, which acquired Hong Kong from the United Kingdom in the late 1900s.

China and Hong Kong do not share any cultural connection. Most Hong Kong people do not want their city to be swallowed by the Chinese mainland politically and culturally.

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