December 10, 2023

Commentary: Eroding Family Values

Family is an important institution. In a sense, it is a support system for children. Unfortunately, in the present generation, its relevance is less discussed. There may be many reasons for that ignorance. It may be because of the nature of the fast moving society. Whatever may be the reason, it is pertinent to remember that a shattered family means a shattered society. No troubled family can produce perfect children.

The issue of the growing number of divorce cases in the Indian society rings a warning bell. The growing number of such cases implies the growing number of shattered families.

Many study reports, which speak how divorce – both formal and informal – affects children, are available. There is consensus among the researches that children are the biggest victim of divorce.

The growing number of divorce cases gives an impression that the modern society is totally incapable to tolerate even a minute difference.

The present generation’s over attachment towards the materialistic elements is also a culprit. That affection often makes them blind.

The ability to comprehend the realities of life is a quality the modern generation lacks. The erosion of the family values may be the after-effect of that inability.

The base of the institution of family is love. It is different from the concept of love propagated in this materialistic world. It is unexplainably complicated.

To correct the wrongs, that basement needs to be explored correctly. The real solution lies there – only there!!!

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