February 9, 2023
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China plays pressure tactics to force India to attend BRI

It seems that the Chinese government is not willing to keep outside one of the most powerful countries in South Asia, India, from the Belt Road Initiative. The Chinese officials claim that even if the Japanese government is not in good relation with their government, they are ready to send their representatives in the Belt Road Forum. They warn that if the Indian government fails to send their representatives to the important meeting of the BRF scheduled to take place on May 14 to May 15, it will adversely affect the Indo-China bilateral relation. It is true that China is one of the prime trading partners of our country and it is not good to sever the relation with the communist giant, which is expected to grow several folds in the coming years and set to become one of the most powerful economic powers in the coming years. At the same time, it is not possible to forget that the BRI project is aiming to use our land, which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan, without our approval. Actually, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which passes through the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, which is a part of the BRI, is an integral part of the vast project initiated by China and they are evidently not going to detach their CPEC project from the BRI for the sake of India. Meanwhile, Chine knows every well that an isolated India might do more bad to the BRI project than good. Actually, it is the right opportunity for the negotiation. India must identify it. We can use this opportunity to get a favourable asset of our great neighbour in the Pakistan terrorist issue and NSG bid issue. We must not forget that we can actually use a counter-pressure-tactics.


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