June 23, 2024
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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor Shares Pics Of Meal Served On Air India: ”Cold Chicken Tikka…”

Famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor harshly criticised Air India for their onboard dinner on Monday. The chef aboard a flight from Nagpur to Mumbai expressed his displeasure with the cuisine he received on Twitter. The chef claimed he received cold chicken tikka with cucumber, watermelon, and a tiny amount of stuffing in a sandwich, as well as a dessert that was effectively “sugar syrup.”

Sharing pictures of the meal on Twitter, he wrote, ”Wake Up @airindiain. Nagpur-Mumbai 0740 flight. Cold Chicken Tikka with watermelon, cucumber, tomato & sev, Sandwich with minuscule filling of chopped cabbage with mayo, Sugar syrup Sponge painted with sweetened cream & yellow glaze.”

In a second tweet, he wrote, ”Really !!! Is this what Indians should eat for breakfast??”

The remark, meanwhile, infuriated several Twitter users who lambasted the Tata Group-owned airline for providing subpar meals during flights.

One user reacted to the tweet and wrote, ”That’s being very brave ! Serving cold food with strange combos to you !! Hopefully, the Tata group will look into it and improve.” Another commented, ”I hate to eat food on flights. Never book one. Either eat before or after the journey. Atleast we can eat hot and healthy meal. Even coffee/tea is terrible on flight. Even water is served chilled…I carry my own flask and fill it at the water kiosks after check-in.”

A woman reported last month that she discovered a bit of stone in the food that was served to her. A small piece of stone was discovered in the lunch on board Air India flight 215 by a Twitter user going by the name of Sarvapriya Sangwan.

In a tweet, she tagged Air India and wrote, ”You don’t need resources and money to ensure stone-free food Air India (@airindiain). This is what I received in my food served on flight AI 215 today. Crew member, Ms Jadon was informed. This kind of negligence is unacceptable.”

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