June 20, 2024
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Centre may appoint four-member panel to solve road issues

In order to resolve pending cases and grievances in the road construction and maintenance sector, the centre government is likely to appoint a three member high-authority panel at the behest of Road and Transportation Minister Nitin Gadkari. Reports say that Minister Gadkari has submitted a proposal before the Financial Minister Arun Jaitly seeking approval of the suggested request. It is learned that the four member panel will include a former high court judge, a retired bank official, a retired engineer and a retired administrative service official. As per reports, the panel will be headed by the retired high court judge. Media quoted as Mr Gadkari as saying; there are lot of cases pending in the courts and preponderance of them was registered during the UPA’s era. Our government is trying to figure out a logical and applicable solution to the issue, it added. It is said that nearly three hundred and eighty four cases were accumulated in the pending list when NDA took the helm of the central administration on early May 2014. However, the Minster reportedly informed the Medias that he is not willed to take up the burden of UPA’s mistakes. But, he avows that he will put sincere efforts to resolve the issue. In addition, the central government is planning to increase the pace of road construction by thirty kilometres per day, from current twenty kilometres. Anyway, he admits that the target is really hard to materialize. But, the Minister expresses extreme hope on his will.


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