September 23, 2023
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Central government raises basic prices for kharif crops in the country; 100 more for paddy

Central government raises basic prices for kharif crops. The Union Cabinet meeting convened today approved the decision. It has also decided to increase exports of agricultural products from the country. The basic price of paddy has been increased by Rs. 100 per quintal. With this the basic price is Rs 2024 per quintal.

In Kerala, the procurement price of paddy was increased from Rs. 28 to 20 paise in the last budget. According to this the price in Kerala is Rs. 2820 per quintal. The share of the Central Government in the high basic price of paddy fixed by Kerala was `19.40.

In other words, the share given by the Center was Rs. 1940 per quintal. From now on it will be Rs 2024. In that case, the paddy farmers in Kerala will only benefit if Kerala raises the basic price accordingly.

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