July 18, 2024
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CBI to investigate Unnao rape case


Putting an end to the suspicion that the BJP led Uttar Pradesh government may derail the investigation process in the infamous Unnao rape case to save one of its lawmakers who is the prime accused in the case, the government headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed the concerned authorities to hand over the case to the Central Investigation Bureau, which is one of the most trusted investigative bodies operating in the country.

Giving a clear signal that the BJP is not going to protect anyone from the clutches of investigation and judiciary, the Yogi government has registered serious charges of Section 363, Section 366, Section 376 and Section 506 against the accused lawmaker.

It is believed that the preliminary investigative team which investigated the Unnao rape case and the custodial death of the Unnao victim’s father has suggested the CM to hand over the case to the CBI as the team have found some disturbing evidence related to the cases during the investigation.

As per a latest report, the CBI will investigate the Unnao rape case and the custodial death of victim’s father.

The government has suspended several government officials in connection with the mysterious death of the victim’s father in the judicial custody.  


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