May 27, 2024
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CBI files cases against NCTE officials

Unearthing another education scam, the Central Bureau of Investigation has filed cases against the officials of the National Council for Teachers Education, the regulatory body supposed to give recognition to several educational institutions in which the teachers training program is conducted. It is said that this regulatory body is entrusted to carry out autonomous function by the Union Human Resource Department Ministry. As per the report, when the investigative agency checked the documents presented to the NCTE by numerous educational institutions working under the autonomous body, they found several irregularities. It is found that several institutions which were granted affiliation by the organisation had sought that status by presenting fake documents and statements. It is necessary that those institutions which apply for the affiliation should fulfil certain criteria such as an institution which admits fifty students should have a build-up area of 15,000 sq meters and a land area of 2,500 sq meters.

In the investigation, it is identified that many institutions do not fulfil such criteria and even some of them don’t have any proper address. According to the preliminary assessment, nearly twenty-one institutions have acquired affiliation through illegal means or by presenting false documents and statements. The case has been registered against the culprits by the CBI under cheating, forgery, criminal conspiracy and criminal misconduct charges. Experts say that these kinds of corrupted system are ruining the educational system of our country day by day. Unless we initiate serious steps to root out corruption from the Indian educational sector, we are indirectly aiding those agencies which are trying to ruin our future generations, they added.





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