May 20, 2024

Canada not to host 2026 Winter Olympics


The Canadians living in the Canadian city of Calgary has rejected the idea of organising the 2026 Winter Olympics in their city through voting.

The turnout was very high. As many as fifty-six per cent people have declined to give permission to the authorities to organise the Olympics in their city.

Originally, as little as three countries came forward to file their bid for the opportunity to host the 2026 Winter Olympics: Sweden, Italy and Canada.

With the withdrawal of Canada, there are only two countries left in the fray. As per the assumption, both of them have equal chance to win the opportunity. Nonetheless, of the two, Italy has more chance.

There are assumptions that most of the western countries are not interested to organise the expensive events such as Olympics, as it normally brings in severe financial burden to the host country.  

The International Olympics Association is expected to announce where the 2026 Winter Olympics is going to take place early next year. 



Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright 


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