July 7, 2020
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BT-PWC India Lists India’s Top 100 CEO’s Ranks V.P. Nandakumar as 42nd Most Valuable CEO

VP Nandakumar

Unique Times is proud to announce that the patron of Unique Times Magazines and the MD and CEO of Manappuram Finance Mr.V.P. Nandakumar has been listed amongst BT-PWC’s Top 100 CEO’s falling at the 42nd ranking in the mid-sized category of Rs. 1,500- 5,999 crore. Mr. V.P. Nandakumar said that the company “has not done as well as it could have, as it has done better in the previous year. However the fact that they were able to make it to the mid-sized category of Rs. 1,500 – 5,999 crore is a good thing.”

Manappuram Finance is a company which has its stature amongst the many financing companies. Today they are the leading gold loan company in India with AUM of Rs.10,000 crores. They have a nationwide network of about 3,300 branches and they have a live customer base of 15 lakhs.

Many companies that have faced and overcome numerous obstacles such as the slowdown, the runaway input costs, the high interest rates and the adverse market conditions, thus delivering amazing results in the end. They have overcome the slowdown, runaway input costs, high interest rates and adverse market conditions to deliver stunning results. To show who these companies are the BT-PWC India has listed India’s top 100 CEOs.

First off BT500 listed India’s most valuable companies, and then the winners of the BT-PWC India’s Best CEO’s of 2013 was picked out. The companies which had losses in any of the previous three fiscal years, were listed during that period, the companies where the CEO’s were not in charge for the full period, and whose fiscal reporting period was not between 9 and 15 months and those whose annual reports were not available till 6 pm on October 24th of 2013 were eliminated.

The data which was used was extracted from CMIE’s Prowess database. The list was filtered as the total income was assessed, net profit, market cap and the return on equity over three fiscal years was also assessed. It resulted in listing out a list of Top 100 CEO’s which was then sliced into 10 categories and the top companies in each of them was presented to a jury in order to have the winners chosen.

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